Frank Lumber Co. Inc., is announcing its newest company additions "Frank Lumber Pellets, LLC" and its new product line of premium grade wood pellet fuel. The company, located in the North Santiam Canyon of Western Oregon, has a 50 year history of efficient forest management, resource conservation and quality production. The addition of a pellet mill is a logical step toward total forest utilization. All of the wood fiber used in our pellet production will come from our Mill City, Oregon sawmill. We have chosen the name PACKSADDLE PELLETS, a beautiful scenic location on the North Santiam River, because it emobodies the vision and character of sustainable forests utilization and management.

Our Premium Grade Pellets meet or exceed all of the requirements for the "1995 Residential Pellet Fuel Standard" set by the Pellet Fuel Institute. They will be manufactured from 100% Douglas Fir fiber, with no chemical additives, assuring a clean burning heat with high heating value. Ash content, fines, moisture level, chlorides and sodium content are very low.

Because the pellet mill is being supplied with wood fiber from our sawmill, the production levels will be consistent at approximately 900 tons per month (45,000 40lb bags). All of this volume will be marketed through distributers or wholesalers with no direct customer sales at the mill site. Production should start in October and be available for shipment by mid October.

If you are interested in participating as a distributor or wholesaler, please contact Robin Derrick at 503-897-2371 to discuss price, volume and delivery options.

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